Our History


SMG (Sintermetalglass) was founded in Milan under the name of "Metalglass", by its founder Mr. Natale Bertelli. The rapid growth in the semiconductor market during this period of time was the driving force behind the creation and growth of SMG. New techniques were being developed at this time related to metal to glass sealing processes. The fusion of metallic parts with glass performs produced high reliability electrically and hermetically insulated components.


Resulting from this rapid expansion and need for additional space,  the company was divided into two distinct productive units: "Metal glass" in Milan and "Sinter" in Siziano (PV).The two companies were run by the Bertelli family, working in tandem on the development of new markets, customers and technologies. This led to the development of a number of new product lines.


The two companies were reunited under one larger organization under the name of "Sintermetalglass", located in Opera, a suburb of Milan. SMG (sintermetalglass) was lead by a new administrator Mr. Aldo Bertelli, the founder's son who developed additional new markets working in conjunction with  the support and drive of his brother Guido.


Mr. Guido Bertelli succeeded his brother as Managing Director. Under Guido’s direction the company was able to expand upon the previous number of successful achievements.


Following another successful growth stage, the company embarked on an extensive modernization program. Improvements were made to improve the product flow through the facility. Automated equipment to reduce manual labor was brought on-line. All of the upgrades were necessary to meet the high quality and competitive pricing requirements dictated by the market. From this point forward there was an industry initiative for an efficient and productive quality system which could be able to meet the market needs for the future.


The birth of the Certification project commenced according to the UNI EN ISO 9002 regulations: 1994, obtained in 1996 and later updated accordingly to the 2000 edition and now to the new 2008 edition. Guido Bertelli, Managing Director with the collaborations of his son Fabio, nieces Simona, Valeria and the rest of the highly qualified staff at SMG have continued to carry on a tradition in the glass to metal seal industry for over 45 years.