TO254 - TO257

Sintermetalglass is currently expanding its product offering in glass and ceramic TO-250 series power packages to meet the growing demands of its Hi/Rel customers. Hybrid power packages are available including TO-254, TO-257 and T0-258. Custom packages are also available for a wide range of military, avionics, aerospace and industrial applications. 


Packages can be configured with various heat sinks including Copper, Glipcop, Moly, Copper/Moly/Copper and Copper Tungsten to provide optimized thermal management characteristics. The package body or ring frames are available in Copper, Kovar or Cold-Rolled Steel with various types of lead materials including Alloy-52, Copper-core Alloy 52, and Glidcop.


Sintermetalglass can also provide Hybrid power packages with brazed in substrates. A wide variety of substrate materials are available including Alumina, BeO and Aluminum Nitride.